My name is Lynne and i am the owner of Coffee 500 and a rookie blogger!  I thought i would give it a go to coincide with the launch of our new Coffee500 website.

I came from a legal background and had never done anything like this before, but for various reasons, I had become very disillusioned in my career and wanted to try something completely different.  i have frequented many coffee shops over the years and as a customer, i had a firm idea of what I wanted to see in coffee shops and i was invariably disappointed.  i despise faceless and dreary high street chains who in my view, have become complacent as they know they have a captive audience and as a result, quality and good service are often lacking.

I had a clear vision in my head of what I wanted to create and its amazing how you can transform a small industrial unit into a little glimpse of Italy!!

To me, little touches make all the difference like having somewhere to charge your phone; free WI-FI, interesting decor and a spotlessly clean bathroom (yes i have got OCD!)  But most importantly, I wanted to provide excellent service; great coffee and simple but tasty food at affordable and fair prices.  Have we achieved that?  I think we have but we want to continue to improve and have a whole host of ideas to move  us forward.

What started off as a simple concept has evolved to attract our firm and loyal supporters and we are proud to host weekly bike  meets, which in the good weather are attended by in the region of 100 bikes.  We also host a monthly book club and we now also hold adult craft evenings and childrens craft parties.  

i look back over the last 2 years and I feel a lovely warm sense of achievement something that I rarely felt in the 18 years I spent as a personal injury lawyer!  I have a great team of staff and I love the element of meeting new people everyday and hearing their stories and our little coffee shop attracts customers across the generations.   

This is not an easy industry and I still have so much to learn but I want to encourage people to give us feedback and ask us what they would like to see in their local coffee shop.  When I read the lovely reviews that people have taken the time to post on Facebook and Tripadvisor, it really lifts my spirits and helps me keep the faith.  People are fickle and its impossible to please everyone but we aim to do our best and I don’t think we are doing too bad.

Take a look at this article on Buzzfeed which made me laugh but it also gives an insight into the food and drink industry and the realities of making a viable business.

People Love This Café’s Sassy Response To An Irate Customer

So please have a look at our website and come and visit us and see what you think, I would also love to hear any comments and constructive feedback so that we can continue to offer what is often described as a hidden gem for coffee lovers in Widnes!!

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