Do you know the science behind your coffee?

We had some refresher barista training at Coffee 500 yesterday and you may be surprised to learn that the art of making a good coffee is harder than you think !

From the humidity issues that may affect the coffee beans, to the coarseness of the grind and getting the milk to the perfect temperature, there’s a lot to think about !

We spent an hour trying to perfect our Flat White and now have a designated button on the machine to ensure that every Flat White has the perfect “double ristretto” using our Kimbo Coffee.

It’s all about the consistency of the milk and ensuring that it’s kept silky and bubble free. We have to admit that the practice has paid off and we are quite proud of our little selves 😃

I found this demonstration online which makes it look sooo easy

Now we just need to work on putting our fancy patterns on the top but as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Come and give us a try and you will see we are almost as passionate about our coffee as the Italians 😃😃

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