What would you like to see from your local coffee shop that you can’t get from one of the high street coffee chains?

To us here at Coffee 500, a great coffee shop should become a hub for social interaction, and all kinds of great things can happen as a result of these interactions. People feel more connected and less stressed, friendships are formed and strengthened, community problems are solved, and even business deals are struck!

Our venue is quirky and lends itself to all sorts of gatherings and the atmosphere just feels right!

Ever considered attending one of our Craft Nights?  They have been going down a storm.

We are lucky to be in association with a local business Sharons Crafty Sew & Sew and Sharon has hosted a few events to date and people have welcomed having something to do on dreary Winter evenings.  We have also had several childrens craft parties and infact, we are hosting one in this forthcoming February half-term.  Stressed out mums (and Dads) love the chance to kick-back and get a caffeine hit whilst someone else entertains their little darlings! And we love the buzz of happy customers, appreciating our venue.

So let us know what types of events you would be interested in as we are always open to ideas and want to involve our customers as much as possible.

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